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Scott Dombrowski - Knife Maker 
A good knife is the most basic of all tools, do you have the right one ?

Scott Dombrowski is a part time knife maker with a full time desire to build great knives.  Many of my friends and co-workers have asked the question; why should I spend a couple hundred dollars on a knife when I can go to the local sporting goods store and buy a hunting knife for $40... Well the answer is simple: you can own a knife that is mass produced, or you can own a one of a kind.  Do you want to pull a knife out at the deer lease that everyone has seen before? Or do you want to razzel and dazzle your buddies with something unique?  Pride of ownership is a wonderful thing and you can feel that pride with a custom made knife.  

Scott can create the perfect piece to meet any of your cutting needs, including:

  • Hunting Knives
  • Skinning Knives
  • Camp Knives
  • Fillet Knives
  • Boot Knives
  • Military Knives
  • Bowie Knives
  • Folders will be coming soon
The SD4   (440C)
The fun of the hunt is over and the work is about to begin.  With the right knife, this pig will be skinned, quartered, and in the cooler by the time the grill gets hot...and this porker made some great smoked sausage !
Something different
The SD1 (ATS34)
The Jia Skinner (440C)
The SD3, is a new model featuring a 4" blade made of 440C stainless, & comes with a leather sheath.  This knife should meet all of your hunting or camping needs.  Different handles are available. 

This is the new MD Series.  It features a 3 1/4" blade, 7 1/2" overall length.  It's made with 440C stainless steel, stainless steel pins, and G10 handles.  The knife also comes with a leather sheath. 

Another MD Series knife with Barbed Wire Micarta handles.   (440C)
All knives are proudly made in Texas
Something special, the Hippo Knife.
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